Mobile Vets, we come to you, caring for your pets is what we do!
We will never leave your place, without a wagging tail or smiling face!

Less Stress

Mobile means we come to you. Visiting your pet in their own environment means minimal stress for you both!


Fully Qualified

Our fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, Christine cant wait to meet you and your pet pals!


Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed to prescribe and deliver a wide range of medicines directly to you.

Mobile Vet Consultations
Our Veterinary clinics currently run Monday-Fridays. . Convenient and cost-effective, we offer full health checks and manage your pets prescriptions!
Mobile Nurse Clinics
Our Nurse Clinics include a full Health & wellbeing MOT and everything needed to keep your pet in tip-top shape!
Mobile Surgery
Our mobile surgery is perfect for pet procedures. We offer a range of minor surgery on your doorstep in our mobile veterinary unit, including lump removals, eye and ear surgery. We know surgery can be a daunting prospect. With our qualified and experienced team your pet is in the best hands. A full pre-op and post-op assessment is performed to ensure your pet is in good health.
Dental Care
We provide a range of dental care services to keep those pearly whites, white! Our pet scale and polish cleaning is the best way to protect your pets teeth. The procedure removes any tartar build up and helps prevent any dental diseases and tooth loss. It is advisable to scale and polish every few years.
'Prevention is better than cure'. Vaccinations are strongly recommended for dogs, cats & rabbits as they prevent a number of fatal diseases.
Products & Accessories
From collars to catnip, we have it all! We stock a huge range of products that can be found in our pet catalogue, simply request a copy.
Ensure that you and your pet are reunited should you ever be apart! Now a legal requirement for dogs and highly recommended for cats too!
Blood Tests
Check the internal health of you're pet with our wide variety of blood tests. Especially recommended for elderly pets.


    3 days ago

    Vets on the Meowve

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    3 days ago

    Vets on the Meowve

    This is the first time I have ever had to write this since we began in 2014, but please be kind.
    There have been a few difficult situations I have had to deal with in the last month. I know this is part of my job but it shouldn't need to be.
    We understand when your pet becomes ill or needs treatment this can be stressful to you and your pet.... but we are here to help!
    We will not take verbal abuse!
    We are humans too and have our own lives and these sometimes personal attacks can be very intimidating and upsetting.
    I love all my clients and their pets and this fortunately has only happened a few times but I know within veterinary practice it happens so much more and it is simply not fair! I am aware we cant please everyone but I really try! We enjoy making people feel happy and to be there for your pets!! Its my life!
    I want to thank 99.9999999% of my caring, thoughtful clients though!
    Being kind is the best feeling in the world!!
    You will always make someones day!
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    6 days ago

    Vets on the Meowve

    Hey! So as its half term this week we will only be open monday, wednesday and thursday! Sorry for the inconvenience but I need to look after my little sidekick!
    The phone line will still be open everyday so please still give us a call for advice, booking appointments etc. We have a few spaces left this week and will be working 3 x long days so will see as much pets as possible! Remember to leave a voicemail if I dont answer as there is no receptionist. I do the lot! haha!
    Thankyou for all your support guys!
    Christine, Vets on the Meowve xx
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    7 days ago

    Vets on the Meowve

    We are still looking for a Part time Registered Veterinary Nurse to join the team!
    Just want to share on here before I go to a recruitment agency.

    🐶Part time position. 2 or 3 days a week would be great!
    🐱Be confident to work solely with a vet or alone.
    🐰Full UK driving license- will be driving our van (Don’t worry there will be lots of practice before you go it alone)
    🐭Be confident with nervous pets
    🐹Preferable if lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne so doesn’t have to travel far
    🐶Wants a stress-free, happy work-life balance!
    🐱Come and join the Vets on the Meowve family!

    Please share this post!
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    Keeping you and your pet pals happy is our number one priority! Your kind reviews always put a smile on our face.

    • positive review  Absolutely amazing vets! Staff are so professional and it’s great seeing vets that love their jobs as much as the animals they are treating. Very reasonable cost wise and the fact everything is done on your doorstep makes the whole process faultless in my eyes. Massive well done to Christine and the team and thanks for what you’ve done with Beth 👍👍

      John Wells Avatar John Wells
      July 21, 2019

      positive review  Came out same day when we noticed our husky had a nasty sore eye that morning. Louise and Holly are lovely people and they handled him well as he normally gets quite worked up in a vet office so was much more relaxed in his own space. Would highly recommend them. 🙂

      Rachel Couch Avatar Rachel Couch
      July 21, 2019

      positive review  Fabulous service! Super friendly, very informative and helpful! We used the service for the first time recently and it’s so much easier than going to a vets surgery with less stress for our dog.

      Kate Chantler Avatar Kate Chantler
      July 14, 2019
    • positive review  Well Rebecca came in the morning to do a little health check on Mary Moo and her babies for me and she was amazing. Thanks Rebecca x

      Nici Dotty Conway Avatar Nici Dotty Conway
      June 25, 2019

      positive review  Could not recommend this service enough? All the ladies I met were lovely friendly and very well informed and professional. I won't hesitate to call them again if I ever need to.

      Emma Philipson Avatar Emma Philipson
      June 20, 2019

      positive review  We recently used Christine and staff for our poorly cat ... she suffers from terrible stress cystitis on vets visits normal so we decided to tryout this service . Christine is professional and very personable. I always felt informed and that I could trust them from the start . Unfortunately our cat deteriorated and was recommend hospitalisation- again Christine helped with referral details and quickly transferring all details a results to the hospital . A very kind and genuine person who I wouldn't hesitate in using again .

      Clare Craven Avatar Clare Craven
      June 7, 2019
    • positive review  cant do enough for you Look no further 👻👻👻👻👻

      Melvyn Lowes Avatar Melvyn Lowes
      May 3, 2019

      positive review  My cat absolutely hates travelling, so much so that she was often too stressed for the vet to take bloods. This is a big issue as she has thyroid issues. Having changed to vets on the meowve we have never had a problem getting a blood sample from her and she is so much happier being able to be treated at home. The staff are all super friendly and pleasant. I would definitely recommend.

      Tammy Jaftha Avatar Tammy Jaftha
      May 3, 2019

      positive review  They take the stress out of vet visits for both pet and owner

      Dawn Brown Avatar Dawn Brown
      April 29, 2019
    • positive review  Recently used Vets on the Meowve as it is just so stressful getting one of my cats to the vet. Best thing I could have done. Wonderful, personable staff. Experience was as stress free as it could have been and neither of my cats were stressed afterwards. Very helpful via email etc, all questions always answered and not over priced. I paid no more than I would in a surgery but with no stress. Thank you. Finally the vet visits are not dreaded!

      Ellie Sewell Avatar Ellie Sewell
      April 10, 2019

      positive review  Another hilarious visit. My 32kg German Shepherd said hello to Kon then hid in the kitchen and had to be bribed to come in, had her vacs, kennel cough vac no bother. Good check over, no stress and plenty of fun. Before we found vets on the Meowve my Jessie collapsed in terror at old vets and had to be muzzled and wrestled for kennel cough. I can not recommend them enough, amazing!!!!! Added years on to her life I am sure. 😃

      Judy Mccartney Avatar Judy Mccartney
      April 8, 2019

      positive review  We have had Christine and Pepe come this morning to do a dental on our Toy Poodle, they were both so lovely and very professional and informative. They put me at ease instantly and im very pleased with the results. Thankyou so much and we will definately be seeing them again for our cats vaccs etc, great idea, well done xx

      Cher Farley Avatar Cher Farley
      April 1, 2019