Mobile means we come to you. Visiting your pet in their own environment means minimal stress for you both!

Our fully qualified veterinary team can’t wait to meet you and your pet pals!

We are fully licensed to prescribe and deliver a wide range of medicines directly to you.

Medical Briefcase

Mobile Vet Consultations

Our Veterinary Clinic is run by a fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse and one of our Vets. Our consultations are designed to be low-stress, convenient, and cost-effective - taking place in your own home.

Mobile Nurse Clinics

Mobile Nurse Clinics

Our Nurse Clinics include a full Health & wellbeing MOT and everything needed to keep your pet in tip-top shape!

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Mobile Surgery

Our mobile surgery is perfect for pet procedures. We offer a range of minor surgery on your doorstep in our mobile veterinary unit, including lump removals, eye and ear surgery. We know surgery can be a daunting prospect.

Dental Care

Dental Care

We provide a range of dental care services to keep those pearly whites, white! Our pet scale and polish cleaning is the best way to protect your pet's teeth. The procedure removes any tartar buildup and helps prevent any dental diseases and tooth loss. It is advisable to scale and polish every few years.

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Mobile X-Ray

This service is the first of its kind to be able to carry out high-quality digital X-rays inside a mobile surgery. Many common illnesses and injuries can be diagnosed using X-rays so this new addition to our van is crucial in helping us keep your pets healthy.



'Prevention is better than cure'. Vaccinations are strongly recommended for dogs, cats & rabbits as they prevent a number of fatal diseases. Our qualified vet performs a full health check and assessment of your pet at the time of vaccination.

Blood Tests

Blood Tests

We offer a wide variety of blood tests to check the internal health of your pet. These include Allergy Testing and Disease/Virus testing. Blood tests are especially recommended for elderly pets.

Animal Health Certificate (AHC)

We have an official veterinarian (OV) at our Vets on the Meowve Tyne and Wear branch. This means we can provide an Animal Health Certificate so your pet can travel to and from Europe. Please give us a call for any further information and make sure you are doing this at least 4 weeks before travelling.