Mobile Vet Consultations
Our Veterinary clinic is run by our fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse, Christine and one of our Veterinary Surgeons. Our consultations are designed to be low stress, convenient and cost-effective - taking place in your own home. We offer a full, in-depth medical exam, pet needs assessment, health and wellbeing check and a range of information and support with every consultation. We know how important it is to take the time to really get to know you and your pet. We treat every pet as the individual they are, with their own needs. We are also fully licensed to prescribe and deliver your pet prescriptions.
Mobile Nurse Clinics
Our Nurse Clinics include a full Health & wellbeing MOT and everything needed to keep your pet in tip-top shape!
Mobile Surgery
Our mobile surgery is perfect for pet procedures. We offer a range of minor surgery on your doorstep in our mobile veterinary unit, including lump removals, eye and ear surgery. We know surgery can be a daunting prospect. With our qualified and experienced team your pet is in the best hands. A full pre-op and post-op assessment is performed to ensure your pet is in good health.
Dental Care
We provide a range of dental care services to keep those pearly whites, white! Our pet scale and polish cleaning is the best way to protect your pets teeth. The procedure removes any tartar build up and helps prevent any dental diseases and tooth loss. It is advisable to scale and polish every few years.
'Prevention is better than cure'. Vaccinations are strongly recommended for dogs, cats & rabbits as they prevent a number of fatal diseases. Our qualified vet performs a full health check and assessment of your pet at the time of vaccination. Puppies should begin vaccines from eight weeks of age, kittens should start at nine weeks of age. We will keep hold of your pets vaccination record and give you a friendly reminder when your booster is due. We offer a discount on multiple pet vaccinations for those of you with larger, furry families!
Ensure that you and your pet are reunited should you ever be apart! Approximately the size of a grain of rice, the chip is quickly and painlessly inserted into the skin. The procedure takes only a few seconds and lasts a lifetime. Now a legal requirement for dogs and highly recommended for cats too. Discount offered for multiple pets.
Products & Accessories
From collars to catnip, we have it all! We stock a huge range of products for dogs, cats and rabbits including flea and tick treatment, shampoo and skincare, toys and treats and more! We know that pet care can add up, we are able to offer prices lower than other suppliers. All of our products and accessories are conveniently delivered to your door. Our full range can be found in our pet catalogue, simply request a copy and we will get it straight to you!
Blood Tests
We offer a wide variety of blood tests to check the internal health of your pet. These include Allergy Testing and Disease/Virus testing. Blood tests are especially recommended for elderly pets. A full health check is performed by our qualified vet at the time of visit and test results are provided quickly, usually within 1 – 2 days after the visit.